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  • Luc Perkins

    Luc Perkins

    Technical writer @streamlio. Ph.D political theorist.

  • EisensteinEinstein


    LAMP stack developer, hitherto

  • Katie Cunningham

    Katie Cunningham

    Python dev for Cox Media Group. Writer for O'Reilly and Pearson. Procurer of questionable parenting advice.

  • IBM Developer

    IBM Developer

    Open source, code patterns, tutorials, meet-ups, challenges, mentoring, and a global coding community — all in one place.

  • Stefan Sohlstrom

    Stefan Sohlstrom

    You honk we think

  • Arslan Siddique

    Arslan Siddique

  • Chad Robley

    Chad Robley

    CEO of Mindgruve & Managing Director of Mindgruve Ventures. www.chadrobley.com

  • Trinh Nguyen

    Trinh Nguyen

    Hacker, Learner, & Reader @ dangtrinh.com

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